About Alumni

About Alumni

Welcome to the Sardar Patel Education Campus Alumni Association - a registered body of the Alumni members of the Sardar Patel Education Campus.

SPEC opened its doors in the year 2004. For over 17 years it has added value to the lives of over 7000 students that have passed through its doors and shaped their future. No one who has studied there can ever forget its contribution

SPEC – These four letters have defined students’ lives for many years. Students have always taken pride in calling themselves ‘Specian’ and as they say this again, we are overwhelmed every time we think about our glorious history. SPEC is a great institution, and now after years, is a legend. The campus has built itself over the years and nurtured all Students in the process.

Our Vision

SPEC Alumni Association shall serve as a platform to bridge the gap of student – alumni interaction by ensuring the upliftment of both present and future alumnus.

Our Mission

To Serve, To Involve & To Inform.


  1. To promote and foster mutually beneficial interaction between the alumni and the alma mater.
  2. To encourage the alumni to take abiding interest in the progress and development of the alma mater.
  3. To render assistance to students of the institute through grants, scholarships and prizes and to provide assistance in academics, placement or any other area appropriate.
  4. To exchange professional knowledge by means of technical conferences, seminars, workshops & training courses.
  5. To offer expertise, effort and/or financial resources to assist not-for-profit organizations dedicated to India’s development, and hereby contribute to the well-being of society.
  6. To undertake activities of nation building including those of charitable nature.